It is our honor to fulfil our customers' needs in full and we are even more pleased when receiving testimonials.

“Inetis helpded us to solve quite complex project of our new technical training facility: they took care of overall project management, technological infrastructure and also deployed efficient smart building management and security tools.”
Tomas J.
Country Manager (automotive)
“Even though our requiremens were rather vague, Inetis' analytics identified both obvious and hidden potential of energy savings including detailed impact analysis for several of our buildings.”
Karel S.
Deputy Director for Economy (transportation)
“Inetis handled the security situation in our company as a whole and has implemented interconnected regulations and processes that protect our sensitive business and personal data in a simple managable way. We don't need to hesitate when applying for major tenders, our strategical goals aren't in risk anymore.
Martin T.
Director (services area)
“Thanks to monitoring of virtually every of our production technologies using Inetis Orlando L8 we forsee any potential outage before it even happens due to exact and instant information and knowledge. Also, thank to the amount of data the system is processing, analysing and visualing we further finetune our production technologies for higher efficiency. It is no coincidence that with new technology deployed the monitoring is also growing. ”
Martin I.
Technical Manager (major production facility)