Our Portfolio of Services

We implement sophisticated technologies to our customer almost without noticing its presence. They are simply delivered with accurate and complex information and knowledge for educated business decission making.

We also help our clients to find their way through jungle of boring processes and methodologies.

Automation and monitoring Energy management IoT, Internet of Things Personal data and GDPR Kissflow Platform

Automation and Monitoring

We monitor 24/7 technologies in factory production sites with our own monitoring system Inetis Orlando L8™

We identify malfunctions and deviations in figures through set up rules, we notify on issues for their instant solution.

Thanks to advanced analytics we forsee issues and problems before they even emerge.

Processes data are processed online and integrated into MES and ERP systems

Our solution supports detailed overview of input costs (total costs) in order to monitor efficiency of utilities, energy and other inputs down to the single production batch level


Energy analysis and management

We design energy usage analyses for potential savings identificatiin, we also calculate RoI for identified cases even for complex investment projects

In specific cases, we deploy temporary or long-term energy monitoring tools. The resulting figures are then used negotiation with suppliers, correct distribution of electrical power lines.


IoT - Internet of Things

We build sensoric networks for monitoring quality of environment for wellbeing and healthy life.

We deploy sensors for short term as well as long term monitoring even in distant and hardly accessible areas.(CO, CO2, temperature, humidity, level of light, water levels, unauthorized access, nano particles concentration, electricity/water/gas/heating consumption

We deliver wireless industry level sensorics, as called IIoT (Industrial IoT)

Data gathered from the IoT sensors network are processed and visualised at our own IoT portal.

The endpoints can be actively controlled as well as configured.



Do you have a feeling, that the requirements of the new EU's GDPR Directive are to complex to implement them inhouse?

We perform data protection impact analysis in your company and will evaluate which data and under which condition can you process.

We recommend specific changes and adjustments to get you inline with the new regulation.

Will adjust your internal rules and processes


Kissflow Platform

Kissflow Digital Workplace is an easily configurable tool for all of your processes

It will help you manage employee onboarding, training enrollment, budget preparation and approval, vehicle purchase, you name it

Kissflow is running in cloud, you don't need to care about servers, security, disk storage or so

The platform has all of security certifications you can imagine

And from now with Czech support!

Visit https://www.kissflowczech.cz (in Czech)